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Jack Arutunyan Cheaters

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Date: 4:45 am

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He’s a cheater and liar. He dates strippers because he only knows how to pay for s*x and not be emotionally attached to anyone. He is horrible in bed and smells like he doesn’t wash himself. He will try to sleep with all your friends and is such a sleaze bag. His friends are all the same, too. He is abusive physically and emotionally and very controlling. He partys all the time and is a horrible alcoholic and coke head. He works out at 24 in Sherman Oaks and takes steroids and HGH. He is also into credit card fraud and bank fraud. Be careful ladies this guy is a nutcase and plays mind games like no other.

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First Name: Jack
Middle Name:
Last Name: Arutunyan
Category: Cheaters


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