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Ivan garrison beats up girls. Usually when they are walking away from him he will sucker punch her in the back of the head, stuck his fingers in one girls eye sockets and tried to blind her! He meets girls on pof n OK Cupid. Tells the story of his wife that died in their bed while he was right there of a heroin overdose. Makes you feel sorry for him and his 7 year old boy. He is psychologically insane. He flips out in a heartbeat and thinks nothing of attacking the nearest female for no reason. He drives a white Lincoln town car with no registration or insurance or drivers license! Someone is stupid as h**l to keep signing for his bail bonds so being arrested doesn’t protect any of the at least 8 girls he has attacked and threatened to kill! His son is becoming a son of a b***h too threatening to kill kids on the bus ride home. This man needs his face broken for what he has done to harmless girls and gets away with it. Quote from his friend Mike Piserchia “I’ve been telling Ivan for years he needs to stop hitting girls.” Sick people. Be careful! IVAN GARRISON is easy to identify he has a pig nose!!!!

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2 thoughts on “IVAN GARRISON, LACEY, NJ”

  1. Be aware of meeting IVAN GARRISON on pof or okcupid. He meets anyone who is willing to…. Here’s a picture of his mugshot to prove he is a sick women beater!

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