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Infovest21: A Crappy Business and a Crappy Place to Work Business

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Infovest21 started out as one of those cool jobs. Lois Peltz seemed nice enough as a boss and she respected me as an administrative assistant. After a week of working temp, she hired me outright without telling the temp agency. Or asking me not to tell the temp agency. This should have been my first clue that things were not going to go smoothly.

However a few months passed by and everything was fine. At first Lois was the kind of boss that didn’t micromanage. Sometimes she would give unclear instructions and then blame me for the results but most of the time I could weather the storm. However, as the months went along she began to give more and more work. Same pay rate. More work. Because I knew how to make a Web site, use and the like I didn’t mind, but the little tasks that she dreamed up were becoming more time consuming. Whenever a conference was imminent or a publication needed going out I was expected to stay late. Since I made salary that translated into free work for her. When I needed a day off (only for holidays), my paycheck was greatly reduced. In fact, after six months I made less money at salary than I did temping.

This would have been less odious if she wasn’t so passive aggressive. Even when she was p****d she was coming at you with her smile. She would also do things like tell you to take your time on a project only to tell you at the end of the day that she expected that project to have been finished so you had to stay later. Whether this meant stuffing envelopes or going through the list of spam recipients checking for errors, she wanted everything done immediately.

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First Name: Infovest21:
Middle Name: A
Last Name: Crappy Business and a Crappy Place to Work
Category: Business


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