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Illegals sneak to NY Cheaters

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Date: 10:45 pm

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Why are these illegals coming to America and hiding out in NY then have a b*****d child and live off our system.

The women are fat b*****s that age by the time there’re 35
Old beat up gold diggers who prey on some dumb a*s wanna bee who falls l for their lazy Pathetic BS. They hide and don’t work

All they do is drain the system dry.

Theyre p****s are all dried up and they live off others

Bossy b*****s who keep a man tracked and hound them down

Only a dumb f**k stays in a loser sexless relationship

Any man who puts up with that is a weak sorry soul who winds up being used and stuck with a manipulative loser.

They make themselves useful as maids and cook their smelly rice and beans.
Plant their gardens and shrubs like its Mexico.

Get the h**l out Leave

Ice needs to get their a*s out They are draining our system

Those who have them living in their homes are Aiding and abetting illegals
And should be bought up
On charges

These illegals own homes and they don’t even have papers to live here legally

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First Name: Illegals
Middle Name: sneak
Last Name: to NY
Category: Cheaters


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