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Hope D Van Sant Cheaters

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I have been with my husband 9 years, exclusive for 8, married just under 2 years. He asked ME to marry him. We had a wonderful relationship. We laughed often, talked all the time, and had s*x all the time. For the 1st 7 years we had s*x 1-3 times a day every day. My husband has been since diagnosed with depression, instead of talking about his feelings with me he went for the quick fix of having his uh, ego, stroked. She found him at work and knew full well he was married. She pursued him; he told her no for more than a month and finally gave in to her. He f****d her for a few months then left me for her. He called me 3 days later begging me to take him back. He told me he made the worst mistake of his life and promised if I took him back he would never leave me again. I forgave him and insisted he get counseling. He started therapy and refused all her calls and texts. They work for the same company, different locations. She contacted him through work email and begged him to meet with her. They had s*x 2 more times behind my back and then he broke it off for good. 4 months later she emails him that she is prego with his baby and she is keeping it. Of course she waited till it was too late to get an abortion so she made that choice for both of them. The math doesn’t quite add up and i am pretty sure she ran out and f****d anyone who would have her ugly a*s and trapped my husband. She made him feel guilty and told him he wasn’t a real man if he didn’t leave his wife for his pregnant w***e. He left stating he ruined us too far to come back. I said we need to stay together and see this through and we can raise the baby, I would love it as its half his. I already forgave him; babies are just a consequence of the mistake. He doesn’t love her. He told me flat out if she called and asked for him back with no baby in the picture it would have been a hands down h**l no. He is decent confused man that got mind f****d by this ugly home-wrecker. They won’t last 2 years, they hardly know each other and no relationship could start that way and end well. He is throwing both our lives away over some s***k, I am a f*****g trophy wife next to this homely gal. May they both rot in h**l and enjoy the poor choices they have made in their lives. Oh yeah and she is old (almost 10 yrs older than I) so the baby will most likely have birth defects. I hope she dies in childbirth. Her name sounds like an 80′s stripper name and it is so ironic that the woman who stole my f*****g life from me is named HOPE.

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First Name: Hope
Middle Name: D
Last Name: Van Sant
Category: Cheaters


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