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Holly Collins Crown, Lisle, New York HomeWreckers

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Date: 12:35 am

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This w***e has been eyeing my husband for years. To really start off she was one of my best friends growing up. We moved out of state and rarely came back so no big deal. We moved back less than 2 months ago. She slipped him her number. They have been texting ever since. I caught on and they had already done the deed,by the way , what woman brings condoms on a walk with a supposed friend???

Anyway back to her ,she had a boyfriend of 11 years also but she obviously didn’t care about him either.

So I find out, flip out and then I did something that no one should ever do . I begged her to stop this so I could put my family back that my little girl wouldn’t have to just visit her daddy. She should not have her life ruined After 21 years I’m not ready to throw it away .

She just went on her merry way. Not giving one s**t that she split my family up. I hope everyone knows what she truly is. This s***k had the b***s to walk up and hug me before I found this out. I really hope karma gets her and ruins her life like she ruined mine.

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First Name: Holly
Middle Name: Collins
Last Name: Crown, Lisle, New York
Category: HomeWreckers


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