Heather username Partyinmypants4ever on pimd heathers queendom

Heather from heathers queendom on pimd is an online bully. She gets off on making fun of anyone who isn’t a lipstick lesbian. She excludes male players, and anyone she finds undesirable from her “exclusive club.” Shes rude and on a power trip. She constantly harasses players and talks down to them thinking she is better than them. She and her little 40 year old sidekick Ally talk about their masturbation quests openly in their club chat, exposing underage members to talk of explicit s*x acts. Even further they live vicariously through another game called second life because they can not get any love in real life. They use avatars from second life as their profile pics on line and send explicit nude masturbation selfies and videos to underage pimd players via the line app.

Like this:

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