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Heather Roberts Cheaters

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I’ve been married for 6 years to a man that can’t keep his d**k in his pants. I’ve caught him cheating on me about 4 times! His big issue is sexting females from his hometown in South Georgia. Last year he attended his high school reunion and didn’t ask me to go with him but he was going to be there with his best friend Heather Roberts so I thought I had nothing to worry about. Looking at her Facebook she looked to be very happy married with kids so I thought nothing else of it. Months went by and we hit a rough patch then one night he had too much to drink and decided to spill the beans and let me know that not only was he with Heather the night of the reunion but they met in a hotel months after for a day of s*x! WTF??

Looking at her FB page really turns my stomach. Not only does she post pic after pic of her and her husband and her beautiful family but she’s still friends with my husband her “best friend” & f**k buddy! After telling me what he did he swore it was a mistake and it would never happen again but every time I would look at his status messages on FB she had a comment to make under them like she’s flaunting everything they did to my face. This is why I’ve come to your page to expose this homewrecker for the fake A*S person that she is! I feel bad for her husband because I’m sure he has no clue what so ever his wife is a homewrecker W***E!

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First Name: Heather
Middle Name:
Last Name: Roberts
Category: Cheaters


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