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Heather Kent Cheaters

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This is Heather Kent. She is an ugly, nasty, untrustworthy, sloot. She will pretend to be your friend but then twist what you say to get closer to your husband. She cannot take care of herself or her kids so just hops from man to man, grass is greener type of b***h. She is violent and almost lost her oldest daughter because of her domestic violence. She is easy and will spread her legs for anyone with money. Shes a bad person and a bad mom. She’s a backstabbing, foul little b***h. She will even try and sum up to your mother in law, doing everything behind your back. She is also married but they are having their own issues so she just hops on the first dumb guy to f*k her nasty, fishy, lose as a hallway v. She is probably teeming with a variety of drds. She thinks she’s a little princess and she has won. She is a user, abuser, and a loser. She is a toxic person and is raising her daughters to be like her, which is the real tragedy. She will act like a victim and she’s your friend then f*k your husband and make it seem like you’re the crazy, wrong one.

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First Name: Heather
Middle Name:
Last Name: Kent
Category: Cheaters


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