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Hannah Anthony, Little Rock, Arkansas HomeWreckers

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Date: 8:31 pm

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I was logging into my email from our laptop, which I rarely do. I always use my phone. My husband’s email automatically logged in and I saw an email from Hannah. I got a weird feeling, so I opened it. There were tons of emails back and forth. She was telling my husband things like “every time you touch me, I lose my breath” and “I would satisfy every part if you. Emotionally, sexually…I just want you”. I confronted my husband, who lie about even knowing this person. Please, I’m not an idiot. I confronted this girl. She was upset nausea she didn’t want her boyfriend finding out. Like she cares about him considering she’s been having a relationship with my husband! And, she didn’t give a second thought to ruining a marriage! I even sent her boyfriend a message telling him what had been going on. After I called her out, she got her friend, (removed) to text my husband and tell him he was done and how hurt she was that his wife called her a homewrecker. (removed) sent numerous threading messages toward me. It’s amazing how this turned into the wife’s fault. Simply because they were caught cheating. I was the one doing everything for him and his children and I was the one being betrayed. But it was my fault for finding out. They also used this Kik app so no one could see their messages. She was stupid enough to post pictures of them together on Facebook. He would leave an hour early in the morning to call/go see her. They were saying how much they love each other, which hurt the most. It’s different when it’s meaningless s*x compared to my husband sleeping with someone he says he’s in love with. They met at (removed) College and continued the relationship after my husband had graduated. I was lied to by someone I took vows with. Who was supposed to love me unconditionally. Of course we had small issues, every marriage does, but cheating doesn’t fix anything. There’s no trust left. I’m supposed to forgive and forget all the lies and betrayal. I can’t. It’s not just her fault, it’s his too, but she knew he was married. She knew he had two children. She knew exactly what she was doing. Hannah Lee Anthony will always be nothing more than a homewrecker and everyone should know.

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First Name: Hannah
Middle Name: Anthony,
Last Name: Little Rock, Arkansas
Category: HomeWreckers


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