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Hailey Renee Dupre, Sulphur, Louisiana

I have spent the past 2 years with my fiancé. We have a great relationship and get along wonderfully. We have been through h**l together but always made it through whatever life throws at us. After selling my home so we could move closer to his sons, life was wonderful. In July, Hailey Dupre got a job for Turner Industries in the tool room at Sasol in Sulphur, LA. She immediately started pursuing my man. On 2 occasions he came home late, and a 3rd he stayed an extra night at the lake fishing with his buddy. In November, my 10-yr old step son came to me crying saying he needed to tell me something important. He had intercepted text messages from this girl and his daddy and was heartbroken that his dad was cheating on me. I then went over my phone bill and was able to get her phone number… I texted her and she knew about me and had the nerve to basically say she didn’t care we were together. She now has managed to get herself pregnant by him. She has absolutely no morals as she knowingly is destroying a family. Thinks having a baby will make them a family. There is a special place in h**l for these type of women.

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