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Hailey O’Neal, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HomeWreckers

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This Ugly Insecure B***h named Hailey Was a Bartender at a local bar in town where she preyed on “Married Men” & of course everyone knows that married men complain about their wives, and cheat in the first place. Well this w***e couldn’t and still can’t find a decent man so she had to a find a guy that was already married and had a baby on the way! And she knew every minute of it! She listened to him as he complained about his wife! She knew all of this, and even stalked his wife’s Facebook and saw that they were married and expecting another baby. Last March 2012 His wife pregnant came to the bar, and Miss Hailey was upset that Andrew her pathetic guy was with his wife and she texted him and said “You brought your wife I am so sad. She was also picking him up and taking him home from his house and she knew his wife was at the house with the kids so she would drop him off a block away. Another thing was their daughter was in the NICU and Andrew went to the Bar “Moose” 2 days after she was born to hang out with he left his wife at the bar and said he needed a night out he was so stressed. The thing that set it all off was when the husband was charged with domestic abuse on July 3rd in paper and everything. It was all because of the w***e! They were fighting because his wife found out again that they spent the weekend together when they just brought their sick baby home! That is when it lead to Physical, but of course the W***e didn’t believe that her Married boyfriend could do such a thing! She also said his wife was “harassing” her and tried to charge his wife with this! After the way she treated his wife by knowing they were married! Sick This W***e knew all along that they were married and that they had kids and she didn’t care! She is too ugly and too insecure that she can’t find a man that is not married! Than on top of all of this! Than Hailey the W***e She tries to get Pregnant on Purpose by a man that can’t even afford child support for his own kids!! And to kick it off she finds a married man that has nothing going for him and makes only $25 grand a year and was already a cheater and a liar! Props to you w***e bag!!! Watch out ladies this ugly w***e can’t find a decent man so she goes after guys that are already married and not even decent to begin with, but no women should have to put up with a homewrecker! Watch out ladies if your man is not that attractive, makes less than $25 grand a year, is already a cheater she might go after your man! She loves attention!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Hailey
Middle Name: O’Neal,
Last Name: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Category: HomeWreckers


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