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Guy Robert Nichols, Colorado Cheaters

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I dated Guy Nicholsfor 3 months. He lavished me with attention and flatery from the beggining. He told me he wanted to be exclusive from the beggining. He told me he wanted to have a baby with me. He inroduced me to his kids right away and we saw each other almost every day. I found out he was dating another woman the entire time and telling her she was the only one. From the beggining he kept asking about financial information. I found out that he convinced the other woman to buy him a car after 2 months of dating him. The scary part is we were looking at this car because I wanted it. I kept trying to break up with him because his stories did not make sense. He kept on telling me that I was the only one and that he was crazy about me. He would text me non stop saying things like- cuddling with you is my favorite place to be, seems absolutely perfect doesnt it?. He had his cell phone in my name and I pulled the phone bill and found the number of the woman he was cheating on me with. He was out of town with her and told me he was out of town on business. He denied knowing her and said she was probably a friend of his ex wife and that he loved me. After I contacted the other woman to let her know he finally admitted to cheating. He blamed it on trust isssues. He asked me to forgive him and told me he was no longer seeing her. He asked if we could get back together and even offered to go to counseling together. I told him that I loved myself more than I loved him and I would never put myself in the position to compete with another woman. I knew he was still lying by saying they were no longer seeing each other. I tried to be friends with him for a few weeks after and finally cut all ties. I believe this man is a sociopath.

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First Name: Guy
Middle Name: Robert
Last Name: Nichols, Colorado
Category: Cheaters


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