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Guido Campellone Cheaters

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Of Paso Prime beef is at it again. After Citipacific (Citypacific, etc) mortgage, and Rolling meadows horse medicine you would think people would wise up to this liar and cheater now in Corona, CA. Here is what’s been documented as lies: Cheated on Wife, Cheated on Mistress of 6 years with other women. Lied to Irvine police about theft and mistress. Lied to police about rape, assault and battery of ex-wife (said he was never there, then later admitted he was but she “wanted it”. Lied about being a marine (he wasn’t). Lied about his martial arts background (even to UFC and Manny Paquaio). Lied about driving two years on an expired license, lied about tickets (including ignoring a school crossing guard and highway dumping). Lied about the number of guns he turned in and which were legal. Lied about killing people and protection work. Lied about getting his college girlfriend an abortion. Lied to others that he was “breadwinning for his kids” when he was out cheating or gambling. Lied about poker winnings and his ability with other’s money. Lied that an unlimited credit American Express Black Card was his (it’s his ex wife’s), lied about ex wife in court to obtain kids, Lied that his own parents were divorced for sympathy (they were never married, his mom was his dad’s mistress on another woman with 6 kids. Lied about his cousin’s, their divorces, and his half siblings. Lied about his brother being on the police force (he was fired for domestic violence). He lied about his illegal substance use and others around him and the kids. His alcohol use. Home remodeling and taking several people for 10’s of thousands and never remodeling or delivering on properties. (causing several divorces). He lies that he is a trusted advisor or friend of celebrities, and uses that to gain argreements with soprts teams for marketing. He lies about healthy foods or lifestyle (when he slams Pepsi and Chocolate. Lies about any medical background or training for humans or animals. Lied about the horse medicine he sold to famous riders (made in a townhouse garage cement mixer). He lied and performed illegal subprime mortgage fraud (yes, he was one of those guys)and even financed a house in a dead woman’s name to get money out of the property. He lied to the IRS and about the IRS debt he had/has. He lies about his former employers and how he was (not) fired. He lied on the stand in an Oregon court case, and in civil court for firing salespeople in order to not pay them commission they were due for their hard work. He lied to lenders, buyers and equipment leasers. He was caught in 32 various lies during “church counseling” such as time, place, who with, dollar amounts, what occured, minimization, etc. He uses church to gain credibility.

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First Name: Guido
Middle Name:
Last Name: Campellone
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Rachael
    Date: May 16, 2012 2:21 am

    I am a former girlfriend and FORMER friend of this man. Friends until he almost cheated me out of thousands of dollars and lost me the home I was attempting to purchase. Some of the things that are stated as lies are in fact truths (not many). Fortunately the real estate agent he set me up with lost his mind and the agent who stepped in took care of all the shenanigans, saving me the money and the house. Don’t deal with this man on any level.

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