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Graham J Hooper Cheaters

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Met him 2009 in Newport Coast. He told me how desperate he was to mend his ways and find a wife. After 5 months we move in together – but by March of 2010 he is cheating on me and throws me out. I move back to LA and oddly this guy now goes and gets an apartment in downtown LA just two months later. He tells me he made a big mistake and he is so in love (he must have meant with himself)- but he travels all the time so it is so hard for him to “work things out”. He also says things are so impossible because his daughter is here now- saying crazy stuff like he can’t let his 23 year old daughter (Samantha Hooper) know we are dating or she will go back to England. Dec. 2010 he starts calling me non stop wanting phone s*x and texting me really degrading things. I break it off. Mid- January 2011 he shows up at my house begging me to take him back and promises me his Range Rover/ “he has now really learned he can’t be without me”. It’s all week-end trips and staying in hotels constantly- he says its because he lost his apartment. He takes me to Sunset Beach in April 2011. We stay in a hotel and he shows me homes asking me if I would consider moving there with him. I go away for work for a month and he tells me he bought a wonderful house for us to move into together when I return home. Only when we return home- I find out this guy has actually been married from November 2010- April 15 2011 to Sahar M. F. and he bought this house for them in Dec 2010. (told me June he only knew her 1 week before marriage and over by about New Years. January 2012 this guy comes back once again saying how much he loves me and need to be with me. I said fine sceptically. February he starts acting really edgy when I am at the house. Things seem weird and we have “serious relationship talk”- he starts crying and saying I should only be seeing him. Only now it is quite obvious he is cheating again (or always) because he can never seem to pick up the phone on the weekends (always because of his his daughter). April 4 I show up at his house unannounced and he happens to be pulling in the driveway. When he sees me he barrels away in his car at about 100 mph. He comes back furious I stopped by- admits he lied, was cheating and wrote me a check for $10,000 for money he owed over the past three years. Not unsurprisingly- the check bounced. This guy lives in a 2 million dollar house. He has the money. He’s just trying to string me along once again.

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First Name: Graham
Middle Name: J
Last Name: Hooper
Category: Cheaters


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