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Giuliana Ballesteros Sydney Australia Cheaters

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My fiancé and I were having issues, especially with the birth of our first child and finding our feet around parenting. After one of many disputes, I told my fiancé to think about what he wanted and to take the time to evaluate our family and what we need. Unbeknown to me, this girl, Giuliana Ballesteros Romero, befriended my fiancé, they worked in the same building. She provided the “comfort and understanding” he felt he didn’t get from me. Sure enough, he moved out and did not tell me he began sleeping with this girl.
For all I knew we were working things out, regardless of not living under the same roof. After a few sus**cious incidents, I found out about her. I approached her and asked for her version of events for closure. She assured me she had nothing to do with the breakdown of my relationship and sympathized with my predicament. I thanked her for her honesty.. Yet not 24 hours later, she’s contacting my fiancé via text and FB and telling him to fight me in court for custody of my child.
She is also a mother to a 5 year old boy. It’s disgusting how desperate some women are and how they will do anything to ensure their own wants and needs. My stupid fiancé wisened up and told her it wasn’t happening and didn’t want anything to do with her. His family was paramount. While his actions are inexcusable, her desperation and attempts to continue to destroy my family and relationship proved to me she was nothing short of a desperate slurry looking for someone to support her. Short of grinding her into the ground. I thought it best to call a spade a spade and out the homewrecker for what she truly is. A desperate loose girl who has no qualms destroying a family for her own benefit. Giuliana, I hope you see this and best believe karma will get you tenfold!

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First Name: Giuliana
Middle Name: Ballesteros
Last Name: Sydney Australia
Category: Cheaters


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