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Gio Bacigalupo, Grandville, Michigan Cheaters

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Date: 10:09 pm

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Gio has been my husband for the last 4 years and we’ve been together for 6 years. He was sweet and fun and loving in the beginning, he always bragged about how loyal he was. When he and his wife decided she should quit work to go back to school everything changed. He started putting her down for not financially contributing to the household and making snide remarks that she supposedly married him for money (he makes less than six figs), I, the wife, sunk into a deep depression which he did not understand and often told me I should be able to snap out of it because he was once depressed and got himself out of it. Note: he didn’t he just got really good at ignoring it and pretending but his dark-side would make an appearance every so often. He resented his step-daughter because she had emotional problems which required a good deal or her mother’s attention and he got jealous. Instead of joining his wife and supporting her and his step-daughter through a difficult time, he withdrew and began telling anyone who would listen, especially his friends and family, how “horrible” his wife was because she couldn’t give him the attention he demanded. This resulted in his best friend’s wife bringing her girlfriend home from the bar on a night she knew Gio was at her house and drunk with the intention of her friends sleeping with my husband, so he could “feel better”. The friend got into the bed with my husband and proceeded to wake him by giving him head then having s*x with him. She had a boyfriend too. The two of them continued a flirtatious texting relationship which was intended to become a full blown relationship after his divorce. Except one problem… we weren’t getting a divorce at that time. I discovered the texts and confronted him then moved out of our house. We went back and forth multiple times about whether or not to reconcile. During this time he engaged in sexual activities with a co-worker, whom I was able to get through to about the truth of his marriage. Most disgustingly he slept with his STEP-SISTER during a family camping trip. and his parents ENCOURAGED this relationship to the point that they threatened to “disown” him if he hurt the step sister or came back to me. He is not only sleeping with his step sis, but he is still s******g the first girl too. His reason being the first girl, Emilee Learman, is close with his friends and his step sis, Liz Bielajew is (obviously) accepted by and close to his family, so between the both of them he feels like he is being “accepted” by his friends and family. When all is said and done he will be divorced from the one woman who truly loved him and was willing to forgive him, but his friends and family will not be divorced.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Gio
Middle Name: Bacigalupo,
Last Name: Grandville, Michigan
Category: Cheaters


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