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George Vincent Lane San Diego Las Vegas Philadelphia Cheaters

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Date: 7:16 pm

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you can find him on Myspace and Latin websites posing as divorced. he will omit having 6 children and a step daughter. Very creepy how he preys on Latin women luring them out for coffee first: the guy doesnt drink coffee but will order hot chocolate. Has a very soft voice that will throw you off and will appear very calm cool and collected becUse hes loaded on clonopine. Of course he will brag about owning a harley etc not mentionin hes upside down on it all. Expect the classic cheesy bathroom cellphone camera shotsof his p***s and always dark shades. He mau even put out there that hes a member of americas navy which he of course wears like a costume and dishonoring not just himself but a nation by demeaning women in general and conducting himself less than honarable. Ladies hes an a*****e and calling him that just once will find you in his bare hands to choke you. Be safe and alert becAuse hes a class act.

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First Name: George
Middle Name: Vincent
Last Name: Lane San Diego Las Vegas Philadelphia
Category: Cheaters


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