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George (TREY) Vassar Covington III Virginia Beach, VA/Maryland Cheaters

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Date: 10:45 am

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George (TREY) Covington III is in the United States Navy stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. He presently resided in Maryland. He is a habitual liar, constantly sleeps around having UNPROTECTED S*X with MULTIPLE WOMEN though he has recently gotten married (barely 6 months ago). He goes down on any women at anytime, he also tosses salads (licking b**t holes) with these various women. He will swear he is not married, he lies and tells women he has an ex fiancé that left him because she didn’t want him to join the military. I feel for his wife because he constantly denies her existence and is putting her health at risk. Also BEWARE he will give you the gift (not AIDS) that “KEEPS ON GIVING AND DOES NOT HAVE A CURE!”

6-3; 240LBS
DOB 11-23-1986

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Cheater Details

First Name: George
Middle Name: (TREY)
Last Name: Vassar Covington III Virginia Beach, VA/Maryland
Category: Cheaters


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