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George Clooney, Lexington, Kentucky Cheaters

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Date: 9:45 pm

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George Clooney was cheating on his wife with me and as for the truth of this, I busted him cheating on me with Julia Roberts..he knows the truth? His wife Amal wants to leave him, but now she don’t because George Clooney is a known heart breaker in Hollywood. She knows he’s handsome foxed actor but he will never changed his ways. George put his fingers inside my a*****e and my p***y and started to finger f**k me. He told me he couldn’t wait until he blew his nutt all over my a*s. Then two days later we went back to the hotel and did our thing. George f****d my p***y so hard with his tongue and made me c*m all over his mouth. He even told me I tasted better then his own wife. Amal has a big ego now after being married to George Clooney and that she is placing more importance in her looks and doesn’t even care about him cheating on her, because she don’t want to lose him. Now George Clooney was seen kissing a unknown blonde woman during a dinner but sources close to George Clooney denied it saying that the woman was the wife of a good friend of George Clooney and that they were only kissing as a form of hello. Now he lying on me, if he keeps this s**t up i have video and photos that i will post on this website so his wife can see all dirty s**t he did to me, Don’t let George fool you because he is actor. He was good in bed with his little 5 inches. George middle name is Timothy. So watch out for him because he is a Womanizer…

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Cheater Details

First Name: George
Middle Name: Clooney,
Last Name: Lexington, Kentucky
Category: Cheaters


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