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Geoffrey Mulgrew, Redondo Beach, California Cheaters

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A bit of a background: His real name is Geoffrey Mulgrew, but he goes by Brent Mulgrew. We’ve been dating since 11/13, official since 1/14, and today is 5/12/14. Yes, a fairly new relationship. He lives in Redondo Beach and I’m in the valley, so we’d really only see each other on weekends, possibly once or twice during the week.

I spent the night on Sunday 5/11/14 at my now ex-boyfriend, Brent’s place because he lives close to LAX and I had to catch a flight the next morning for work. I was restless and couldn’t sleep during the night, so I got up around 3am and went downstairs to relax. His laptop was right on the couch, so I opened it up to browse the internet and get a bit groggy. The first thing that popped up, however, was his FB page with his FB messages. Now, for a while he had been acting distant and for some reason my intuition had been sounding off an alarm inside; needless to say I was feeling a bit suspicious and read a few emails, which you can find in the images attached below. If you look at the dates to the left of the second image, those are ALL emails to different girls. That’s right; each date you see is a message containing similar information to another woman.

Immediately after I went upstairs to his room, abruptly woke him from his sleep and told him that we’re over. He was flustered and asked why, so I told him the above story. I began packing my things to get out of that toxic environment, when he came downstairs to try to explain things. Turns out he was JUST on drugs on a Wednesday night and got a bit h***y; that’s all! A typical weeknight thing to do, right? Closer to when we met, he told me that the last time he did drugs was back in college, about 8 years ago. When I found a line of coke on his bar a short time prior to this incident, he went into a very detailed story about how his roommate, Pat, was still doing drugs. What a surprise, more lies. Worst of all, during our time together I found a used condom wrapper on the top of his trash. I let it slide, thinking that maybe he used them for less of a mess when masturbating, but now I can’t help but think that he must have been having girls over during the week for a little bit of fun.

I should have seen the signs, but he was so good at what he was doing. Tears would literally come to his eyes as he told me about how he hasn’t felt this way about anyone in over 4 years; that I was special, his angel, his little girl; that he never wanted to do anything to hurt me. All lies.

I hope that no other girl, or guy, ever has to go through this. I hope that this post will save someone special out there from this pain. We all deserve so much better.

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First Name: Geoffrey
Middle Name: Mulgrew,
Last Name: Redondo Beach, California
Category: Cheaters


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