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Gary Spencer, New York City (East Village) Psychos

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EVERY WORD HERE IS 110% TRUTH AND THERE’S MORE AND PROOF! (Beware this sicko is in MANY dating sites, model sites,, today someone told me he tried to pick them up on a site called, “” , he’s a cheating, using, lying pig, sick internet stalker and creepy old pervert!!) He’s always on Myspace, ModelMayhem, Imodels, OMP and g*d knows where else!! He uses Londonman, GSVB, GSVB69, musicpubs2003, gsvb1962 and more…he has dozens of user names and email adresses) IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE this, LEAVE A MESSAGE AND I’LL SEND YOU THE PICTURES THIS PIG EX OF MINE WAS SENDING ME AND OTHER VERY YOUNG WOMEN HE PICKED UP ONLINE, EMAILS AND MORE AS PROOF, COURT DOCUMENTS TOO! This PHONY< LIAR< PERVERT and CHEATER< INTERNET PREDATOR< Lives in NYC's East Village. Worked in clubs in London, then got a modeling job at 30, he's 44 NOT "in his 30's" as he lies and claims to young girls. He moved to NYC about 12 years ago from London. He has done some campaigns and Lens Crafters is using him right now in a TV commercial, I have told them about his activities and they have not stopped using him yet but the marketing manager has emailed me. They will hopefully remove his spots soon, unbelieveable if they condone his sick behavior, perverts like him representing fine US companies is just NOT right. He is 44 born Dec 5th 1962 in Croydon a suburb pof London so… NOT in his 30's as he claims, and does not work as much as he once did. He's a sad ol almost 45, nicotine addicted wanna be rocker, he's signed with with CLICK Model Management IN NYC. I told them what he was doing and they have done nothing!! He spends most or all of his time online in wanna be model sites like "", his user ID is GSVB, GSVB69, Londonman, musicpubs2003 or more, see him in action here- in the "Shout Box" scamming and whoring with the married SL** "Kristin Anne" who he has a relationship with behind my back while comitted to me, see her at: whe he has some sick relationship with as she sit's scamming on him while we were together leaving him CONSTANT sexual comments on MY THEN BOYFRIENDS PAGE including "I LOVE YOU YOU FU**ER" and this thing is married and still does this behind her poor husbands back!! I also told MODELMAYHEM moderators what he is doing, scamming young girls there and because I warned people about his actions, THEY deleted ME for warning woman about his activities, NOT HIM. A woman named Theda chose this pervert and deleted my profile, me, HIS VICTIM. They are protecting perverts, not innocent users of the site like me and M** and I, on ModelMayhem. She is the other VERY young woman he did this to, that told me about WHAT HE WAS DOING BEHIND MY BACK was from ModelMayhem too!! He's on there desperately trying to pick up VERY YOUNG, possibly underage girls while he was my boyfiend FROM MAY OF 2005 and still. Just like WHEN HE PICKED ME UP ON WISH2MARRY.COM the first hour I was ever on, UNTIL MAY OF 2006 WHEN I DISCOVERED HE WAS A SICKO and PERVERT! He's also on MYSPACE at doing the same!! Pretends it's for his lame CD but it's really to feed his disgusting internet addiction to VERY YOUNG and probably UNDERAGE WOMEN!! He was sending me,and other women NAKED PHOTOS OF HIMSELF ALL THE TIME, while he was in a committed relationship with me! A WOMAN OFF MYSPACE AND MODELMAYHEM found me, and TOLD ME ABOUT what he was doing to HER too!! HE WAS SENDING THIS WOMAN 22 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIM PICTURES OF HIS CO*K FROM MY HOME, ON IM AND MORE!!! ALL sent to HER THOUGH SHE NEVER WANTED THEM AND HE IF SHE CAME TO "STAY" WITH HIM in NYC so he could "help her get an agent" please, that tired old line you sick pig. This was all WHILE HE WAS still WITH ME AND even FROM MY HOME AND WE WERE TOGETHER FOR 8 MONTHS ALREADY!! Can you believe this Sick PIG was doing this from MY HOUSE when I PAID for his ticket to LA over Xmas and NY's 05/06!! He sat in my sons room as I slept in the next room after we were together nearly a year, sitting in my house…doing his sick business!! He IS a 100% Cheater, liar, scam artist and dangerous internet pervert AND PREDATOR and others need to beware or he will devistate more women and ruin more lives, as he did mine for many months with his lies and deciet while I worked for him, his miusic and loved and supported him and he said he did me. I sued him for work I did on his CD and flights I paid for and pulling his rotton scams, I won (not nearly enough to cover my losses) but he is ONE SICK PERVERT, LIES AND DECEPTION with PAIN AND MISERY TO OTHERS ARE ALL THAT COME OUT OF HIS TWISTED HEAD!! Sign the petition please to send to Lens Crafters and others to stop using this sicko!! Thanks and be careful!!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Gary
Middle Name: Spencer,
Last Name: New York City (East Village)
Category: Psychos


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