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Garry Grace, Houston, Texas Cheater Cheaters

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Garry Grace / Gary Grace or Grace Jerry on Facebook. This person is a serial cheater. Do not date this man. He will always have two or three women in rotation. He cheated on his wife. He cheated on the woman he cheated with while married and divorced. He will begin the relationship at your pace. He’ll be the perfect gentleman. He will call you regularly, take you out and seem very concern about what’s going on in your life. He is knowledgeable about ‘how to recognize a cheater’ so that he doesn’t cause any alarm to his behavior. He reads. One thing he can’t change is his mode of operation. He will ‘vanish’. For no reason he will stop taking your calls and answering your text. You won’t know where he is or what’s happened to him. That’s the indication he has found someone new or traveled back to a ex. He is a notable cheater in Houston, Austin, Kansas City, San Antonio, Hawaii and Dallas. He serves in the military and is high ranked as Commanding Sergent Major. He works as a Security Guard at a Social Security office in Houston. He may float from one government building to the next as a security guard. He will lie so well that you would believe he’s telling the truth. His demeanor is laid back. He will seem in the beginning to be so helpful with anything you ask him to do. He loves to shower women with gifts of clothing or little trinkets. His most recent girl friend caught him cheating with two women as they ‘lived’ together. That same girlfriend caught him again after she took him back. He is the perfect example of the phrase ‘ once a cheater, always a cheater’ Don’t be fooled, no matter how charming he can be, He Is A Cheater.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Garry
Middle Name: Grace,
Last Name: Houston, Texas Cheater
Category: Cheaters


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