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Gabrielle Finley, Colfax, Washington Cheaters

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I married my husband Fred Yates on October 13th, 2013. He was the man of my dreams. 5 months later, I ask to borrow his phone after leaving mine at work. Before I can make a call, a text message comes through from a girl named Gabbi which read, Im trying to stay as pretty as I can for you, but Im about ready to take off my makeup and go to bed. Are you still coming over, or did the wife call you home? I was completely shocked. I sent her a reply which read, This is Sara, Freds wife. You can take off your makeup, hes not coming over. I quickly wrote down her number then confronted Fred, Whos Gabbi and why does she want to be pretty for you? He said, Shes just a friend from work. (Fred was hired as the chef for an assisted living facility just before we were married.) I asked him why I hadn’t heard about his friend Gabbi before. I don’t have an answer for that. was his reply. I showed him the text she had sent. He SWORE there was nothing going on between them and he was not having an affair with her, that he would NEVER cheat on me, EVER. He tried to make me fed guilty for even suggesting he would cheat on me. I text her the next day. She said Fred told her that I was incapable of having s*x anymore because of health issues I was totally fine with him sleeping with other women! Fred finally confessed to the affair. I moved out and filed for divorce. I learned a few weeks later that Fred had been having ANOTHER affair with a different coworker, Jackie Burnett. She was married herself left her husband of 8 years to move in with Fred before our divorce was final. Im still in shock from it all. This past year has been a nightmare.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Gabrielle
Middle Name: Finley,
Last Name: Colfax, Washington
Category: Cheaters


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