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Fraud by Broadbend Cash liab

Good Day, please look into this company named Broadbend cash loan. Registered Address: 27 Borman Street Wormaransstad NCRCP 2009.
Please the steps of me trying to secure at low interest loan to pay some medical bills catch up on some of my outstanding areas.
I found Broadbend Cash Loan on the internet with website email address and contact number which didn’t exactly tie up. Hendrik Lewis contacted via email being [email protected] and requested the usual documents which were duly sent through to him. A low interest loan was offered and a loan agreement was signed and mailed back to him. Then a admin was requested which makes sence. This was paid on the 02/10/2018 to R Caroto Capitec bank account number 1582175428. Then I asked when transfer would commence and then An Insurance payment was needed of R4599 wich was paid on the 22/10/2018 to N.Lehana Standard bank account number 1014159063. Then I asked if any more fees would be needed to secure transfer and the answer was no and nothing happened because a loan Remittance policy fee was needed before transfer could go ahead and paid R7100 to P.Mditswa on the 25/10/2018 Nedbank account number 1178979431. Then after asking agian because no transfer was received a Cost of Transfer was was required. I paid R5999 to P.Mditswa on the 30/10/2018 and still no transfer of the agreed loan in my account. Then I asked again as to what’s going on again it was requested to pay a tax levy of 18% which I refuse to pay. Now I must pay according to there termination policy a further R4500 to cancel everything. I have requested a full refund to immediate affect but this has not happened.
Surely these steps and processes are not acceptable by any registered financial services organization. Please help to assist me in getting my full refund.
Kind Regards Gunnar Walter
Id number 6611155112087

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