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Eugene Darnell Adams Cheaters

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Date: 12:13 am

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This man is a pathological liar and a s*x addict. He lies so much, that if you’re not thinking clearly he will have you believing that you can jump off a cliff and survive. After catching him cheating he denied the whole thing. His last four girlfriends have also caught him cheating. It’s pattern for him. Women beware he is a predator. He is also very lazy he claims to be looking for a job but he is just waiting for some woman to take care of him. I can’t stress how good of a liar this man is. He will tell you that the previous girl is crazy or still wants to be with him but he is lying. He also thinks that he is G*d’s gift to women. He will try to degrade you in a slick way, just be careful.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Eugene
Middle Name: Darnell
Last Name: Adams
Category: Cheaters


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