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Etihad Airways Business

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Hello recently I flew this airline. the flight attendents seem prejudice against Americans. They did not even feed me until last and I ordered a special meal. They gave my meal to another person and gave me a biscuit that was old off of someone elses plate. It had dirt on the outer package. I was very angry at this point. Also, while exiting the plane nobody said “thank you” to me but they did to the other passengers. How much more ride and uncordial can they be? I will never fly this airline ever again! This was Chicago to Abu Dhabi. They also made me pay $50 for a hand carry bag in Chicago and the guy at the counter was very rude and arrogant. I had to oay $50 for just a few extra ounces. can you believe these people? The do not respect their customers at the least!

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First Name: Etihad
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Last Name: Airways
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