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Esley Hall, USA DeBusk, Knoxville, Tennessee

This scammer is at it again! He is ripping off employees over at the new company he works for! Anybody who hires this parasite is an idiot!

Esley Hall is a loser who is diseased and evil! He has been all up in Elise Givens-Brown’s diseased, stinky p****, so you know his dirty d*** is ruined for life!

Don’t work for this miser a******! He will rip you off! Esley Hall is the Division Manager of DeBusk in Knoxville, Tennessee. He lives in Rockwood, TN. This division manager is a backstabbing thief and a scamming piece of s***! Keep your woman away from him too. He is a homewrecker, as well as a backstabber! Esley Hall is a horrible employer who will scam you and the COMPANY out of every cent. Avoid him, if possible!

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