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Enterprise Financial Group, Inc. Business

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Company is refusing to honor work that needs to be done that is covered under the warranty. When I contact them I’ve been hung up on and ignored. Under the guide lines of the contract I’ve maintained service to my car as required to keep the warranty in tact, no more than 1200 miles ago was the automobile service and no problem was present. since this time of service the radiator began to leak it such a mannerism that was not detectable by instrumentation on the dash board. When the automobile broke down I did everything in my power to protect it pulled off to the side of the road and had it towed to the nearest repair shop, where i was informed that the leak in the radiator caused the head gaskets to go along with no compression in the engine. The warranty company did not like this diagnostic so they sent it to Subaru of Sanbernadino. Where they came to the same conclusion. As well that the damaged cause was not my fault. The warranty company approved part of the claim to replace the radiator but they are refusing to cover the rest of the work, (they denied the claim before their inspector even arrived on site). I’ve contacted the original dealer about the situation and he was suppose to be in contact with me but a week has passed and no results. I contacted the Enterprise Financial Group and asked for a supervisor and have been hung up on multiply times. I paid $2000 dollars for this warranty and feel they need to honor it as I have followed their guidelines to keep in valid and intact.

Enterprise Financial Group, Inc.
122 W. Carpenter Frwy., Sixth Floor, Irving, TX 75039-2001
Phone: (800) 527-1984
Fax: (972) 445-8382

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First Name: Enterprise
Middle Name: Financial
Last Name: Group, Inc.
Category: Business


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