Eloisa Romo Pinto, California

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3 thoughts on “Eloisa Romo Pinto, California”

  1. So now Mrs. Pinto is the homewrecker! wait a minute, didnt they work with those two principals from lancaster? It sounds like the principals are upset posting lies about others.

  2. OMG Eloisa Romo!!! Stop bashing Francisco because I know u, u were the other woman some 20 years back, so now Bitxx, the joke is on u because Karma is giving u what u deserve!!! U r one disgusting obsessed n jealous freak. Pick up the pieces of your shattered life n move on!!!

    1. OMG…The joke is on who…and karma is giving who what…ByeBye Kruppe…seems like her life is shattered not Eloisa’s

      I remember reading a lot of false post about other employees. I was looking for them and I found this. That is just wrong.

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