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Edwin J Bernard Cheaters

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48 year old gay white male with gray hair and brown eyes. Standing 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighing in at 175 pounds. Infected with HIV and AIDS since Saturday, December 31, 1988

Edwin J. Bernard is a HIV positive criminal HIV transmission sympathizer living in the United Kingdom. He was diagnosed with HIV back in 1988 after finally being tested after nearly a year of suspecting himself of being infected. He finally told his partner sometime later, but was not fazed by his condition. He continued writing on despite suffering severe symptoms at times. His health went downhill in the mid 1990s when his HIV became resistant to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and nearly died before new treatment options finally got his HIV under control.

In recent years he has become an advocate for every possible excuse that HIV positive people may have for failing to disclose their status to their sexual partners before having s*x with them protected or otherwise. He believes so strongly in protecting confidentiality at all costs that he spends countless hours filling a blog with endless rants that have always failed to justify putting social consequences above public health.

He also advocates against criminal sanctions for people who fail to disclose their status to sexual partners as well as biological terrorists who deploy weaponized HIV in hostilities against police officers and civilians. These bio-terrorist attacks are typically in the forms of airborne saliva and direct seizure of body parts with teeth.

In 2010 he began advocating beyond his typical realm of excessively long blog posts full of redundant jargon. To the British tabloid newspaper The Guardian where he angered many by defending German pop singer Nadja Benaissa following her admission to failing to disclose her HIV status to a man she infected. His defense of the singer primarily focused on sympathy for the hypothetical sensitivity of the singer regarding stigma of her status.

Bernard has never failed to disclose his HIV status to a partner as far as we know. He is being listed in this registry because his notoriety has elevated him in recent years to the level of a small time celebrity journalist.

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First Name: Edwin
Middle Name: J
Last Name: Bernard
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