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Dwayne Eric Creech Medford MA USA

dwayne and I were together several years ago, we broke up because of his infidelities. He seems to come back into my life each time one of his “relationships” end. He will use me for s*x and I allow it because I’m so broken inside from what he’s done to me. He has ripped every ounce of self esteem right from underneath me. I stay with him because I feel ugly, nobody will want me, im too damaged. If any of you women think he’s being faithful, he’s not. I’ve known him for a very long time. I knew what he was doing but I’d look the other way. The other ladies in here are not crazy, I believe he has done all of the things he’s been accused of and much more. There is so much more he’s done to me that I’m afraid to put on here. Please be careful especially if you’re new in his life. If any of you to talk, comment and we will find a way to communicate …. be safe….M

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  1. Sorry to hear about this, I was actually with him again at this time too. I ended it with him over the phone via text. he got mad and said you really dont even want to be my friend. NOPE, he owes me alot of money we have been back and forth to court, well he never shows. I will admit I was just with him this last time to try and get my money. Anyways he has his way of making everyone feel cared for at the min, but then trash. I know his game, and I dont really care anymore I just want my money. I was a fool to trust in him,

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