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Duane Doherty Cheaters

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Duane Doherty, Hawthorne, NY cheated on his long term girlfriend and gave her stds. He abused her physically, emotionally and verbally. There are pictures of the abuse, bruises, cuts, marks he left on her and a lot of people saw over the years the bruises on her from Duane. He not only cheated on me, after he gave me stds from his cheating, he didn’t do anything to try to make up for it. He did admit to it in writing so if you don’t believe he cheats he is 100 percent a cheater. I never cheated on him but he accused me of cheating all the time because that’s what he was doing. Duane didn’t even buy me flowers, a gift or card when he cheated and gave me a painful pelvic infection from the cheating. He looks at rolexes for himself but he was cheap w anything he gives to anyone else. Multiple occasions he didn’t even want to let me get a cup of tea after dinner. He said u can get that at home. On my birthday after 2 years together, he screamed at me and left me at the restaurant because I wanted to take pictures together to remember my birthday dinner w him and he didn’t want to take pictures w me even though it was my birthday. I had to call a friend hysterically crying on my birthday because I didn’t know what to do and she knew he had ditched me there. He assaulted me on other occasions and picked me up and threw me onto pavement. There are pictures of the cuts and bruises. My boss saw i couldn’t walk right for more a week and walked w pain limping. One of my bosses came to talk to me to say he always saw marks on me after the weekend and I didn’t deserve to be abused. I felt like a complete loser to love someone who hurt me so much. Another night Duane punched me in the back repeatedly in the middle of the night leaving marks and bruises because he didn’t want me too close to him while we were sleeping. I was just trying to stay warm under the blanket that i bought because his house was always so cold but he was sleeping on top of most of the blanket and I only had a small corner I could use to cover myself. To cover myself w that small corner I had to sleep close to him cuz he was on top of it. I didn’t even want to go over that night but he asked me to bring his groceries, Gatorades to work and to pick up dinner for him when i got home from visiting family late. Duane told me he loved me all the time but to hurt me he’d also say I never loved u. He’s abusive and cruel in every way. After being together for 3 years, on my birthday, he was living in my house, having me cook all his meals, baking for him, he’d ask me to serve him meals in bed when he didn’t feel like getting up. On that birthday I asked him to acknowledge that I was important to him publicly by showing one picture of the 2 of us. 3 years together taking care of all of his issues, his families issues and doing everything for him at his request and he refused me one picture that didn’t cost a penny. I was worth nothing to him – not even one picture after everything h he had put me through. Don’t let him hurt u. Run. Actions speak louder than words. His texting and calling is all part of him manipulating and controlling u. It’s not love. The things I wanted from him were to be loved, to do things together, to show a picture of the 2 of us. He sits on insta every day all day and night. That means he’s active on social media. But he refused to show his serious girlfriend after 3 years in one picture? We’re not talking about a pic every month- ONE picture for 3 years of a serious adult relationship. He never showed a pic of us on his phone or on his nightstand unlike every other single guy I know. His friends were moving in w their girlfriends who weren’t required to do nearly as much as I was for him and who hadn’t even dated their guys as long. He’s 44 years old not 12. He doesn’t commit to anything except himself. It’s a fake commitment he gives u. In 3 years he promised so many things we would do that we never did. U can wait forever but Duane won’t change. He’s a cheater and abuser.

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First Name: Duane
Middle Name:
Last Name: Doherty
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: He gave me STDs
    Date: December 20, 2020 9:28 pm

    Duane carries STDs and doesn’t use condoms. He f***s around behind ur back. Anyone that wants that std carrying cheater good luck w the stds he will give u from the skanks he’s f*****g behind ur back!

  2. Posted By: Report STDs
    Date: January 4, 2021 4:07 am

    If this is true why didn’t I read about it on STD Carriers?

  3. Posted By: Anonymous
    Date: January 8, 2021 12:48 pm

    Duane Doherty will always be a cheater because that’s who he is. Duane uses women. He doesn’t respect or love anyone. He only does and says things to get what he wants out of you. He doesn’t seem that way when you first meet him. Cheaters lie. He hides what he does on his phone. He talks about marriage and retiring together but it means nothing. It’s talk. A cheater doesn’t change. If I had known that he had cheated on someone else before me I never would’ve dated him. He will tell you his ex girlfriends cheated. He told me his ex cheated. Duane is the cheater. Not his prior ex and not me. He lied to me and gave me STDs. That’s how much he cheats. It wasn’t his first time getting STDs. It’s in his medical records. He won’t care about your health. It’s all about him and what he wants. Duane is a cheater and liar.

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