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Duane Doherty Hawthorne, NY Cheaters

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Duane Doherty dob 03/17/1076 is a liar and a cheater. He lives in Hawthorne but goes to Florida and plans to move there. He pretends to care about you but he’s into using you in every way. He lies to you acting like he’s in a serious relationship w you, talks about a future w you but it’s all a lie. There are nights that he will see another girl, times when you call him and thought you were going to see him and he will ditch you last minute. He will say he’s not seeing anyone else but you will see the lube out in his house that he doesn’t use with you and doesn’t use when he jerks off, you will find the long blond hairs – hairs not your hair color on his sheets and on him after he’s been w you all night. He will act like he’s tired all the time and not interested in s*x other than for you to blow him for an hour and he still doesn’t c*m cuz he’s f*****g around behind your back. Then there will be nights that he ditches you and won’t take your calls. He will block you for the night then call the next day or in 2 days as though nothing was wrong. Cheaters hide what they’re doing and lie over and over. Duane will keep his phone face down constantly in front of you, never let you see what he’s doing on his phone. He will get late Insta messages or texts at all hours but refuse to tell you who it is or lie and say it’s his sister. But he will never show you to prove it because he’s lying. He will also shut off his phone it put it on do not disturb so you don’t know he’s getting these messages. He will never put up a picture of you on his nightstand or on the front of his phone, or on his Insta profile cuz he hides that he has a girlfriend so he can f**k around behind your back. Duane gave me stds from his cheating. You don’t really know who his friends are and who he hangs out with cuz half the time he’s running around behind your back. You will only meet few friends on rare occasions and at the beginning. Sure he will introduce you right away to his dad and family but it means nothing. He does it to make you believe you’re important to him. Duane will blame you for anything that goes wrong and scream at you, cursing at you, calling you b***h, w***e, c**t. Women are disposable and he uses them for as much as he can get out of you for as long as he can. Duane will make the excuses that you’re giving him anxiety and his anxiety and depression are acting up. It’s just another excuse. It’s not like he goes to therapy to work on his issues. He will just blame you, scream at you and criticize you because he’s insecure and has issues. So many nights I cried silently laying next to him not sure if I was allowed to be closer to him or if he would awake up and start punching me and screaming at me because he suddenly decided he doesn’t want me there or so close. He makes you think he wants you at his house but it’s just so he can kick you out whenever he wants to for no reason. Nights when we were laying in bed, I was naked, it was late, and he started screaming at me that I had to leave that he wanted to be alone. I didn’t say anything, we weren’t having a fight, I was half asleep and I’d be so upset and confused. Why did he start screaming at me and kick me outfit no reason. Duane screamed at me in restaurants making me cry and then would leave me there because he’d say I was causing a scene. Duane screamed and cursed at me at the movie theater and left me there because something went wrong w our online tickets it wasn’t my fault. Duane screamed at me at the airport calling me all sorts of names. All these times there was surveillance and people that worked there that saw how he was treating me. He screamed at me at lots of public places but it starts in private and in the car. His dad bought tickets to the westchester Broadway theater as a gift to us. Duane wouldn’t hold my hand and kept calling me names there too because I wanted us to go together and asked him to pick me up cuz he never took me out and it was supposed to be a night out together. He made me drive to his house to catch a ride w him even though we had been dating 2 years and I live 10 minutes from him. He did the same on our first Valentine’s Day – that time he made me drive to the restaurant myself and meet him there although I thought for once on Valentine’s after dating seriously and exclusively for 6 months, I thought he’d pick me up from my house for a Valentine’s date. We ran into friends and family of his on his sister’s side at the restaurants. They took pictures. I asked him so many times for the picture but he always refused and wouldn’t link w me on fb so I could see a picture of us together that his sister’s sister in law posted of us. Everything was always on his terms. Never mattered what I wanted or what mattered to me. We didn’t do the things I wanted to do, he wouldn’t make plans or do things for me. I was always expected to do everything for him. Ask him why he hasn’t changed his dog’s vet. He’s still using my vet / central animal hospital in my town – not his, 2 minutes from my house because I was the one that always took his dog to the vet, made his appointments and bought his dog food. Ask him if he ever took my dog to the vet, bought my dog food, walked my dog, cleaned up after my dog, fed my dog, or took my dog to the vet. He didn’t. I walked his dog constantly, fed his dog at my house and his house, took care of him, cleaned up after him. He’s not a real boyfriend. It’s just on his terms. Duane hit me over and over on my rear and backside when someone touched my a*s at work and he said now I’d remember never to let someone else touch me. But when we were on vacation in Aruba and someone came to offer free massages on the beach he did nothing when the guy untied the back of my bikini top and was massaging me cuz Duane had a girl massaging him. When we were in Saratoga he wanted me to massage strange men on the street so he could collect money for my services. What normal guy would want to pimp out his girlfriend and let her touch other men? When he gave me stds from his cheating I cried everyday for months. I’ve never had STDs. I was tested before, during and after dating him. He admitted he cheated but wouldn’t tell me specifics. I asked him why. There was no why, he does what he wants to do whenever he wants to no matter who he hurts. Duane’s had STDs before. He doesn’t use condoms. No matter how much it meant to me to have him go with me to my once a year work event he only went once – the first year. No matter how much it meant to me, he never showed a single picture of me on his Insta. Duane’s a cheater. He’s not capable of loving anyone but himself. I wanted him to love me back. It was all a lie. And if you think he will stop cheating, he won’t. He’s a cheater and liar. I always wanted to understand why he would hurt me so much. It’s because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Duane will always cheat. I put up w his abuse because I thought he loved me and he had issues and I had to accept him for who he is. But the cheating and my feelings never mattered? That meant he never loved me- just used me.

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First Name: Duane
Middle Name: Doherty
Last Name: Hawthorne, NY
Category: Cheaters


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