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Donald Sparks, Bremerton, Washington

Don Sparks, owner Northstar Instustries/Transmissions Northwest in Bremerton, Washington LURED a disabled woman at her most vulnerable to EXPLOIT, USE AND ABUSE her, TAKE s*x, look good in front of his no brain grease monkeys. WHEN THE DISABLED WOMAN CONFRONTED DON SPARKS, HE LIED ABOUT ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH ANY OTHER WOMAN. She been long time customer. He wooed her, swore she was his light, his everything, blah, blah, blah SHE found out he had a long-time relationship with the woman working in the transmission shop WITHIN VIEW ON THE SAME PROPERTY! At times, Don Sparks tried to juggle at least two women under the same roof! Questions remain HOW MANY other women he’s involved with, how many he has used over the years drawing them in at their most vulnerable and taking advantage. He’s no stud! Not only does he use women, he MANIPULATES to make it look like they’re chasing him. He’s a total COWARD!! What a joke! He LIED about everything from the moment they met. He CANNOT BE TRUSED to say anything truthful! He will do what it takes to get what he wants no matter the cost to anyone. His life is a LIE. He works at NOT GETTING CAUGHT. WHEN CONFRONTED BY HIS GARAGE GIRLFRIEND, SHE COULDN’T BELIEVE IT, he totally has her snowed! AGAIN, DON SPARKS DENIED EVERYTHING TO HER! Duh! He’s a PROFESSIONAL LIAR. ROTFL! He doesn’t care about people or relationships the world revolves around him. Proof, deary, there’s proof, he lies, but the proof speaks truth for itself. Hire a PI, deary! Open your eyes, step up and take your life back. He’s USING you too. Duh! He makes himself out to be so emotionally together, it’s all a LIE, it’s all maniuplation. He’s a CHEATER who does nothng but TAKE from you, works hard tomake himself look good, complimentxs you while you bend over! Master Psycho Sicko Man!!! DON SPARKS OBVIOUSLY HAS NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE, DOES NOT VALUE WOMEN. He thinks he’s gods gift. ROTHFL!! WARNING TO WOMEN!!! THIS MAN IS NOT SAFE ALTHOUGH THEY MAKE CLAIMS ABOUT HAVING CONCERN FOR TRANSPORTATION OF WOMEN, ESPECIALLY SINGLE WOMEN. ITS ALL A SET UP FOR THIS MAN TO GAIN YOUR TRUST AND USE YOU TOO. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. MECHANICS ARE A DIME A DOZEN. THIS MAN IS TROUBLE. WORST OF ALL HE HAS NO CONSCIENCE. HE MANIPULATES WITH EMOTION TO GET WHAT HE WANTS BUT HAS NO CONSCIENCE.

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