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Do not buy one of Kristin Diable special-made songs!

Kristin Diable offers a special service where you can pay her almost $1000 to write you a custom song of your choice. In many ways, this is nearly a scam if you want something actually good. I hired her. I paid. Then the problems with her started. My experience with Kristin Diable is she will generally rip you off. She will take your money, then take forever, give you excuses, and finally send you a crappy song that is less than half-hearted at best, sounding like something she did super quick just to fulfill her obligation. Um. Hardly special, KD! Do not buy one of her special-made songs! You’ll be throwing money away. I think it is completely irresponsible to take people’s money, give them poor service, poor quality, and not devote the time deserved to the amount of money taken. SCAM SCAM……

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