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Diego Masmarques (aka Rick Mas Howard) of Massachusetts

This is the convicted murderer and rapist that’s gone around defaming and harassing Aaron Greenspan all over the internet. Greenspan has a restraining order against this cyberstalker who’s turned to consistently cyber bullying him when he can’t get to him physically. Ignore whatever nonsense and lies that he spews about Greenspan and his family.

Like this:

Author: Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Diego Masmarques (aka Rick Mas Howard) of Massachusetts”

  1. Diego Masmarques has been consistently harassing and defaming Greenspan all over the net by viciously spreading lies about him. What he’s done is violate the restraining order put against him. This malicious, psychopathic cyberbully is a running broken record who doesn’t quit.

  2. Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Greenspan has been using his personal monetized gripe site to continuously harass, stalk, sham, defame and cyber bully Diego Mas marques non-stop. Aaron Greenspan has no respect for the laws, as he has continuously been violating the Restraining Order that Diego Mas Marques has against him, but law enforcement is unable to locate Aaron Greenspan as he has given the courts a completely made up address.

    Aaron Greenspan is a Sick Stalker and enjoys making easy money without having to work for a living. Instead, Aaron Greenspan enjoys hacking in to people’s email accounts and other electronics where he gathers personal information on people that he targets then he tries to blackmail and extort money from people and if people do not pay this criminal he then goes on a shaming propaganda mission to ruin a person’s reputation.

    Aaron Greenspan should not be allowed to access the Internet, own a computer, or any smart device, as he uses these devices to illegally gain access to the public’s personal information and then he criminally harasses, stalks, shames and defames his targeted person all over the Internet.

    Aaron Greenspan is a full fledged criminal and law enforcement should have this guys head examined and he should be court ordered to stay away from the Internet and not be allowed to own a computer.

    Do not patronize this tax evasion and tax fraud site called, as all of your personal information will be collected and used against you by Aaron Greenspan sooner or later. Do not give Aaron Greenspan one cent for anything. Aaron Greenspan needs to do real work.

  3. Christine Richard @richardorionllc Orion Research LLC,
    @rini_webber Renne Hom and Aaron Greenspan @aarongreenspan. We are asking you to stop these posts. We’re are fully aware you are behind it.
    shame shame shame. Yes we are gay. You are bullies with your extortion sites Aaron Greenspan they should have locked you up in the mental ward the day you can’t out and said you invented Facebook. You are crazy and mentally deranged, especially with your manifestions about Facebook.

  4. Nauseating homophobic comments are made by Christine Richard/Orion Research LLC, Aaron Greenspan and Renne Hom in retaliation to the Aaron Greenspan picture postings.

    These postings are hurting Christine Richard Herbalife shakedown for money.
    We “THE PEOPLES RIGHT” TO HAVE PERSONAL PRIVATE data to be removed. Thousands have complained and they continue to persecute innocent Diego.

    Aaron Greenspan and Christine Richard are extortionists. Christine tries to extort money from Herbalife and Aaron Greenspan extort’s money from the names in the pacer court dockets. No difference between the 2 low life rats.

    These 3 stoggies are
    Christine Richard/Orion Research LLC

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