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Dewayne Mowen, Dayton, Ohio – Compulsive Liar and Cheater Cheaters

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Date: 11:01 pm

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Dewayne Mowen searches internet dating sites and Facebook for woman to date for s*x and what ever he fancies. He told me I was the only person he was dating and found out he was dating several other woman one was Judy Mays and the other was Sharon Bowell. I broke it off last time when I caught him. A total stranger approached me and told me that Dewayne had been sleeping with his ex and Judy Mays sister Sabrina Mays “Brooks”. who had a STD. He is a poor excuse for a man. a real low life. He is out for his self and to H**l with everyone else. He says he is a Christian and attends church regular, not so. He has no p***s, bad lover, out for his self and cant perform in the bedroom. I can kick myself for getting involved with this loser. He is a compulsive liar and cheater. Never waste your time visiting sites like Dewayne works at Hodge’s Auto and he steals out of peoples cars and trucks, He stole ipod touch from this man car he was working on, he told me this and all his stories. He even told me how he n****r rigged cars and made lot of money from it and Hodge’s Auto would charge full price to there customer for n****r rigged work.

Hodge’s Auto
501 S Broadway St.
Trotwood, OH 45426
[email protected]

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Cheater Details

First Name: Dewayne
Middle Name: Mowen,
Last Name: Dayton, Ohio – Compulsive Liar and Cheater
Category: Cheaters


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