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Desiree Best, Branson, Missouri

This nasty girl right here Desiree Best, slept with my husband and the father of my child. She moved him in her house after only knowing him for 1 week! I found out about her after following my husband to her house, so I knocked on the door and said, “I think your sleeping with my husband” and she admitted it and I asked her to plz let us have a chance at making our marriage work and all she said was “that yalls business” and I said, “Well are you going to continue to sleep with him?”, and she replied “if that’s what he wants.” She’s very selfish and she doesn’t care if we have kids or not, and she sells Xanax out of her home so now my husband is addicted to those! Ugh! Yeah, she’s a huge HOMEWRECKER! Watch out Branson!

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