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Derrick Foster Cheaters

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This man is a predator, a habitual liar, a cheat, a b*****d, a SWINGER, mediator of an online web cam chat room (ORU), member of Adult Friend Finder, Black Planet, I See Color, Pal talk, Club Vibes, Let’s Grab a Drink, Online Booty Call, Midnight Booty Call and various others – claiming in all that he is a SINGLE man with NO children. He loves vulnerable BBW white women who will stand by his side no matter what his indiscretions. Women who will try to “help” him after he confesses “Yes baby, I am so sorry, I want you to be the only one” or “I need help – why can’t you help me” and they BELIEVE him! He takes money from women to pay his bills. He tells the same story – He lives with “friends” he has no children, he hasn’t had a relationship last longer than 2 years, women have left him for selfish reasons, he’s busy because he’s really involved with work – ALL LIES! He has many “friends” that you don’t know or have never met that seem to be all women! He uses text messages to communicate. He has been involved in “relationships” with at least 8 women simultaneously for various numbers of years – 5, 3, 2, 1. They live in the Twin Cities, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Canada and beyond. Plus the “extras” who are also involved with other people and don’t care. Know that he has been at his habitual lying lifestyle for the last 15 years at the very least. He also has 2 children under the age of 2 that are known. If you are in any way involved with this man, please protect YOURSELF from any STD’s. Consider this your PSA.

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First Name: Derrick
Middle Name:
Last Name: Foster
Category: Cheaters


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