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Dennis Harlan, Bonner Springs, Kansas Cheaters

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Date: 5:48 am

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Dennis will use every con in the book. He is a pathological liar. He lies about everything even though he will tell you he’s honest. How he’s inAA, how he believes in G*d had a serious illness… All of it is a ploy to get what he can from you–money free trips, s*x, a free place to live. He’s still an addict – he’s addicted to the con, the control and manipulation of women to fill his needs and insecurities. He is on on a facebook dating app. Dennis Harlan told me he lived in Bonner Springs, Ks. But it was only a temporary pad to bring women!!!! He also maybe living with a woman until he finds a beeter “deal”. I can not find a permanent address for him. I notice after the fact, he had changed his place residence 3 times in a couple of days. on the facebook dating app. He also would meet me somewhere for the date and wouldn’t drive his truck- I realized very soon that he was hiding from other women he was involved with. He frequents coffeeshops on the Plaza, Overland Park, Ks, Lawrence, Ks. He is a predator. Everything about him is a lie. Even his motorcycle… it looks like Harley but is a HONDA… H also drives an older model dark blue green truck. He is 51, salt and pepper hair except where he’s balding,and wears a doo-rag …Dennis will tell you to call him but it’s to moniter his calls in case he’s with a nother woman, he makes his dates through facebook messaging and other emails. Our first date he wanted to move in with me and was all over me!!! He does not care about anyone but himself. He uses women to fill his needs and insecurities. He is disgusting!!! Please women out there beware of Dennis Harlan from Bonner Springs,KS; Kansas City, Ks or KS City, MO.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Dennis
Middle Name: Harlan,
Last Name: Bonner Springs, Kansas
Category: Cheaters


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