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This w***e is Debra Howard and she has lived with my Aunt D. for years and that is how I met her. She sponged off of her for so long that she was considered part of the family. She has been at my house many times over the years and many holidays were spent together. This s**t was fully aware that we were married and she also knew I was trying very hard to keep the marriage together with him and she knew the problems we were having and how s****y he was treating me and the kids. This happen several years ago and I did confront her, by no choice of my own I had to be very civilized at that time. Then I found this site called CHEATLAND.COM and it is about posting the FEMALE homewrecker, not the MAN involved. Now its time to tell the w***e and everyone else how the story happen and exactly how I feel about her. NO, it does not matter how long ago it happen. YES, I do refer to the husband as a Manwhore, based on his choices, and his actions he deserves that title. YES, it is the man’s fault too, but his story can’t go on here for reasons that should be clear.

The w***e and my husband hung out with the same crowd. They both did drugs, were drunks, and partied at the same places. I did not do any of these activities. I was at home taking care of our kids and trying to provide a somewhat stable home life for them and she knew this. Since they both had doing drugs, drinking, and no morals in common, it was only a matter of time before they looked at each other with glazed over eyes and decided “Hey, Why don’t we start s******g each other.”

Her drug of choice was ICE which she did quite often, including at my house in my guest bathroom while attending our 11th year anniversary party. Their affair was already over about a year or so before this get together at my home. I did not know they had been together at this time and I look back at the shameless gall this w***e had to continue to come to my house and hug my neck each time she left as though nothing had happen. I also look back and wonder if the manwhore got some kind of cheap thrill each time she came around. Sort of like a power trip of having his w***e in his house and his dumb wife is not even aware of it. It’s funny how the confident, bad a*s man falls to his knees once he gets busted. When I did find out I was shocked that he would downgrade so badly with such a homely w***e. He explained that it was not the looks at all and that he thought she was ugly as well; it was because she was an easy piece of a*s and she made it clear she was willing. When this came out I ask for details of everything they did so this is the story.

One night they both were at a party at a friend’s house on Hi Roc Rd in Conyers, GA. They were standing outside smoking pot and talking and she was making her best effort to flirt and act sexy. Suddenly manwhore said, “How about giving me some head?” She didn’t even hesitate and said okay, but where at? So this s**t followed him to the truck, which was a blue Chevrolet dually that he was borrowing from his dad because he didn’t have a ride,” AGAIN” and they get Comfortable and she starts showing off her d**k sucking skills. He said she was so bad at it he told her to stop and let’s get out find a place to f**k. Manwhore wasn’t ready to desecrate his daddy’s truck just yet. They get out and he leads her to a junk car that was in a field in the back of the property and tells her to get on the hood of the junk car. While she is taking off her clothes at the speed of light she asks him a question, WHY ME? WHY DID YOU PICK ME? She is asking this as though he is G*D HER SAVIOR and she has been chosen to BIRTH THE CHRIST CHILD. Manwhore responds, because I know you will keep your mouth shut. She was engaged at this time so he figured she had something to lose as well. So she gets on the hood of this junk car and jacked her w***e legs straight up in the air and the two whores went at it. While this blessed event was taking place she is thinking to herself how wonderful it is to be so special and to be chosen over all the other whores and the manwhore of the hour is probably yelling out “Hallelujah,” I love all of you easy whores because I’m too lazy to make any real effort in chasing them.

The second time was at the same house and another party and she went outside to an old camper that the women were using for a rest room. He used this same camper to entertain a different w***e about a year later. He saw her going outside to the camper and followed her. Waiting patiently for her ugly a*s to come out he contemplates where they will be s******g on his friend’s property this time. I guess he was unable to spark a creative idea because when she comes out he simply said “Hey lets f**k.” So feeling all giddy with delight that the Manwhore has picked her YET AGAIN she drops her pants right where she is standing and bends her a*s over until her head can see her old balding v****a and they ride like two dogs in heat on the gravel driveway. Another day and another easy piece of a*s for the Manwhore.

The last time was when he gave her a ride home from her job. Manwhore had been sitting at a bar in Conyers, Ga drinking himself some b***s and decided he was in the mood for a little s***k a*s. So he goes to her job and waits for her to get off work. She never questions why he was there to pick her up and this was probably due to the fact that her coke bottle glasses are so thick that it enables her to see the future, so the w***e knew her savior would be there. This time he drives to an empty lot that was for sale, located just down the road from his parents on EASTVIEW RD in CONYERS,GA. He is still driving his dad’s truck so you would think he might not choose to take his w***e that close to his parents’ home, but he is full of confidence, and being the Savior and all, the rules and morals of life don’t apply to him. He drives to the back of this empty lot in broad daylight and she tries her d**k sucking skills on him and fails miserably, yet again. So Manwhore goes around to her side of the truck, opens the door and she swings her nasty a*s toward him facing the outside of the truck, she then jacks her w***e legs straight up in the air again just like a pro, all the while thinking to herself how glorious it is to be the chosen one. Must be some kind of kinky feeling getting blow jobs and s******g your whores in your daddy’s truck. I wonder if there is some kind of unresolved anger there? When the Savior and the chosen one are finished with their divine offer to the Gods, she asks him yet another stupid question…” What are you going to do if your wife finds out”? Manwhore feeling very confident and being on top of his game replied, “She won’t find out.”

Oops!!!….. I did find out, and now what took place in secret with the Savior and the chosen one will be revealed to everyone…. thus saith the wife.

So after I found out I leave manwhore at home to ponder on what’s going to happen to him when I return and I immediately drive to her fiancés job and I tell him everything. He dumps her on the phone while I am there. She later gets p****d because I ratted her out to him. I have got a lot of nerve to do something like that, lol. So her ex- fiance and I talk about the two whores and their scared adventures and he makes a confession to me. He said he felt guilty about it for a long time, but now finding this out, he no longer does. The homewreckers daughter was staying in a hotel in Conyers, Ga and she sent him over there to get her daughter one day. He said when he got there her daughter made it clear that she had the hots for him and then offered her b******b services. He did not turn her down. He said he felt bad but not bad enough to say no. Well, it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The homewrecker doesn’t have any problem s******g a married man and her daughter doesn’t have a problem giving her mother’s fiancé, and her future step daddy, a b******b. He was sent to pick her up many times so I’m sure this happen several times, but he didn’t want to admit it. I do plan to give my best effort in making sure the homewrecker reads this so she can be informed of this secret. It just wouldn’t be right to keep her in the dark about this any longer….lmao

Oops!!!… that secret is out to. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftop by me…

Thus saith the wife again…..

When I confronted her she lied of course, then she admits to it but refuses to own up to the junk car adventure and that was because she was made fun of by manwhore and the friend who had the party they were at when this scared event happen. Well w***e one time or a 100 times it does not matter. You knew me and you knew we were married. Maybe instead of asking him “Why Me”? You should have said NO!!! NOT ME, I’M NOT GOING TO DO THIS BECAUSE YOU ARE MARRIED and ITS WRONG, and because I KNOW YOUR WIFE, but being the uneducated, ice head s**t that you were (are) prevented you from doing the right thing. Do I feel bad about doing this? H**L NO. I get to have the last word in a situation that I did not ask to be a part of. Well Debra, I get the great privilege of putting you on this site and bestowing upon you the title of A HOMEWRECKING W***E because you did not walk away from a married man, and because you didn’t mind stabbing me in the back in the process.

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