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Deanna M Brown of Sanford, Florida

This s***k is a real piece of work. After hooking up with my husband and sneaking around and milking him constantly for money and favors, she had the nerve to call me his wife and scream at me about controlling my husband because he had dropped her and wanted nothing more to do with her rotten evil self. She is low class, no class piece of trash who wont leave other womens husbands alone. Yes the husbands are to blame too, but geez women, have some self-respect and quit s******g around with unavailable married men. Deanna is out to manipulate and work over the men who cross her path. She cant keep a man because they all flee. She is always up to no good and to take advantage of people and situations.

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Author: Anonymous

6 thoughts on “Deanna M Brown of Sanford, Florida”

  1. Real scum. Deanna Brown of Sanford, FL (2/10/1982) takes advantage of everyone without exception. Even people who try to help her, Deanna will do dirty. She is a low down piece of garbage.

  2. Deanna got mad and made this post herself. So she admits in her own words that she is a w***e, a home wrecker and a piece of trash…
    April 7, 2019 at 11:50 am
    This is Deanna!
    F**k you! I have your husband and if you only F*****G knew! L***O
    Anyone taking the time to write all of this about me is so f*****g jealous that your man has been in my bed and he will continue to be in my bed I can promise you that !

  3. If a bad b******b is worth shelling out a bunch of your hard earned money to support Deanna Brown’s party lifestyle of boozing and drugs, then have at it because she is willing and more than ready to take you to the cleaners.

  4. Deanna plays acts like she is a girl looking for a relationship but she is really a local hooker looking for a sap she can suck dry.

  5. This dog of a hooker just cant get enough men to use her services to keep paying for her drug habit. I would be terrified to hook up with her since she is having unprotected s*x continuously with an ungodly amount of partners. She is sick!

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