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Dave Mitzel is an abusive violent person. He abandoned his kids emotionally and financially. Owes over 30k in back child support. He is unemployed, but claims to run a non profit company. In reality he makes horrible art and sales it for cash claiming the money goes to help victims of PTSD and families when it only ever makes it to his and his friends jean pockets. Complete scam. He was kicked out of the military for drug use. Underhonorabel but he wont say that when he is taking a hand out from people who don’t know better. He also says he was special forces that is a lie too. He was nothibg mote then a cook. His kids want nothing to do with him. He beat his x wife so bad she went to the hospital with broken ribs and a broken jaw. He cheats and lies and has no remorse for the pain and damage he does to women. He uses women to pay his bills and then drops them whenever they start to see through his lies. They are lucky @6’4″ 300 plus pounds he doesn’t hit them and break their bones or worse kill them.. He will never tell you what he really does. He will be out cheating and on dating sites and if you question his motives he gets defensive and says its none of your business even if you are living together and he asked to marry you. He will post negative horrible comments about his x’ s and blame them when he looses control. He drinks non-stop 24/7 and lies about that too. He claimed he has cancer and is dying and it came from his war injuries. Not true, he was a wash out. He claimed he has a master’s he doesn’t, he only graduated high school. But he won’t be honost about that either. He doesn’t have a drivers licence and is always in trouble with the law one way or another. He has two DUI’s also multiple arrest for domestic violence and still carries a gun and thinks it’s cool when he uses it to intimidate people who just want to talk. He is absolutely nuts and should be in an asylum where he can get the help he really needs and can’t b.s. his way out of or manipulate the trueth. He always has some sort of money coming in that never ever showss up. Its a ploy, a hook to hold people of.f So they dont see what he is really doing. Pay attention, it will be your money going out and he will never get that big check he promised was coming and pay you back. A true sociopath through and through.. He is never wrong and everything will be 100% your fault. Do not date this man and pray for your daughters that meet him that they leave him fast before he attempts to kill her or worse actualy does. He knows how to manipulate the evidence and will do exactly that to get his way. Stay away from this man if you are smart. Believe this man hates women! Don’t be his next victem/target.

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