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David William Trotter, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia Cheaters

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Date: 11:41 am

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David goes by the usernames of Wildturkey007, Wildturkey0069, wildturkyoo7 and other versions of wildturkey. When I first came across his profile on an internet dating site he appeared extremely genuine. We exchanged emails and numerous telephone calls before we met in person. We dated for approximately 8 months and it became apparent that nothing this man said or did was honest or genuine. Firstly he stated on his profile that he was either single or divorced when in fact he was still married. He stated he lived in Port Macquarie NSW however he actually lived about 200km away in Craven. When I was at his house to support him when his son passed away about 2 months into our relationship, I accidently disturbed some papers near his computer when I was trying to fix it and one was his credit card statement where it showed that a couple of week previously he had paid substantial money to the RSVP website. When I tackled him about it he gave me a big spiel about being a member just to talk to people as he was lonely etc and promised to cancel. Over the next couple of months he asked me to book flights for him and he would put the money for them into my bank account and I did this four times and not once did he repay me despite him saying numerous times that he would and making promises and assurances that he would honour the debt he owed me. After eigth months of dating the decision was made for myself and my daughter to relocate and move in together with him. The removalist was booked, a new position for me was found and one week before it was to all happen he suddenly changed his mind and I was informed that he did not want us to move in. I was shattered as another tenant had signed a lease on the house I was renting and we had to move. I ended up doing a few searches on the internet and found his profile on many internet dating sites and not only normal dating sites but also sites for people wanting to hook up for s*x. I was totally shocked as he had joined these sites at varying times during our entire relationship and was constantly active on them. When I once again tackled him about it, he made it out to be my problem and that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing and he told me he was going to remain active and it was my issue to deal with. He claimed he had not met anyone however he had let a couple of things slip about things we had supposedly done together but in reality we had never done them so my only presumption was that he had met other people etc. It became apparent that he had lied and misrepresented himself from the very first time I had met him. In his profiles he states that he is faithful to a partner however, placing profiles and being active on s*x dating sites is not being faithful to a partner. I think anyone who wishes to date this man should be very careful as he also continually made sexually explicit and highly inappropriate comments regarding my 14 year old daughter. He will remain active on internet s*x dating sites and will not care and he will lie to you about his activities. Just before I ended the relationship I found numerous email addresses for women and text messages to his friends and children about me which were total fabrications and exceedingly hurtful and emotionally devestating. This man does not appear to have a good grasp on reality and will just use you and lie to you. My advice to anyone wishing to date him is to not trust him at all until he proves that he can be trusted and do yourself a favour and find all his profiles on the internet and keep an eye on them as he will tell you how faithful he is to you while at the same time he will be trying to find other women.

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First Name: David
Middle Name: William
Last Name: Trotter, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
Category: Cheaters


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