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David Schwab Cheaters

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Married but pretends to be divorced. He is a pathological liar. He pretends to have a beach house in Anna Maria island FL. He arranged to meet me there, I flew to FL and discovered he had given me a fake address. He pretended to contract with me to build a house, claiming to be a journeyman carpenter—even drew up a contract that seemed legit. After getting $8500 to purchase a backhoe for my house, I found he never was going to build anything. He dated me until I pretended to run out of money. He also pretended to be a law student and an accountant,; he took my 2011 tax papers and never did my taxes, he never gave me my documents back. He kept telling me my refund should be direct deposited “any day now.” He is intelligent, can remember all the lies he tells and expound upon them. He seems very convincing. His facade is “the country gentleman.”

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First Name: David
Middle Name:
Last Name: Schwab
Category: Cheaters


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