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David Saucier Cheaters

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Well he used me for over 3 years. Was bad at everything from bday, vday, xmas, loving, caring, s*x so on. Was good at taking money, lying and making me feel like s**t. Over all he perfers f*****g 14 yr old girls and likes to talk to them online and says he is just faking about meeting these girls but I final found out what he did. I could not do anything about it since under the law had to know who the girl was and to tell her mom and dad. Since i did not this kiddy f****r is free. Now is w/ a woman w/ a 3 yr old girl. He says he is a man but still, will and always come off as a boy. I am happy to have found someone else that is a trillion times better then him and has seen how my ex acts. I may not be going after him to claim my money back b/c I know this a*****e will find some way not to pay me like he does now. Be careful Ladies he loves to take and act like he is giving back but at the end it will be YOU that gives a million % while he sits on his a*s saying he is helping.

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First Name: David
Middle Name:
Last Name: Saucier
Category: Cheaters


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