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David S Ransom, New York – THE TRUTH Cheaters

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Forward to your female friends just so they know (and your men friends so they can warn the women they LOVE. The decision is of course theirs if they deal or don’t. David Ransom – BROOKLYN’S G*D FEARING MAN — THE TRUTH The story I tell: I’m 44 years old, just back from Philly turning around a restaurant and I’m looking for my next job. I’m a designer and receive residual income from my designs. I have 5 children, but I take care of ALL my kids. I used to sleep around and cheat, but I’ve changed. I’m dating, but nothing serious. I have an apartment in Brooklyn and my daughter lives with me. I’m a member of the PTA and a G*D FEARING MAN an active member of Brooklyn’s CCC. Being in good standing with G*D is all ‘I really want’. The Truth is: I screwed up that gig in Philadelphia and left before I got ran out of town. Nothing new, h**l, I’ve been fired from the some of the hottest spots in Brooklyn for STEALING time and money. Whatever. It’s easier for a smooth dreadlocked brother like myself to stay unemployed. That way, I don’t get fired for incompetence and the Man can’t track me down and force me to pay the tens of thousands I owe in back CHILD SUPPORT. My one TALENT — I’m “great” in BED — a talent I bestow on many women. In fact, all “I really want” or need in life is a bevy of beautiful and sensitive women whose hearts are open just enough to receive my web of lies. Click Photos to learn more about me on You Tube Oh, and did I tell you that I am particular. Only the finest ladies for me and they must have a JOB and a HOME (cause I haven’t had my own apartment since I was evicted years ago) and they have to have a means for me to get around (cause other than MTA, I ain’t got no ride). Once I find my ladies…I do what I do…move in with one, float the others, and just LIVE. Ah, did I mention that I don’t do condoms, why bother “I am only making love to you, baby” (heh, heh). So you would never really need to worry about any sexually transmitted diseases…as long as you are just “loving” me. I’m very careful to make sure the women I love are “healthy.” 😉 As you can see, in actuality. I’m not quite the G*D FEARING MAN I claim to be. I am just a man, with a plan, trying to survive — off of women. Until, of course, they catch on to the game. Then I am on to the next one. Gotta go, I have a disgruntled ex out here trying to expose me for who I am. But she crazy. Don’t pay her no mind. She just mad that I do what I do. BTW, are you free for dinner tonight…on you of course. ;). Visit DailyMotion.Com and Search David Ransom Brooklyn’s G*d Fearing Man for the whole truth!

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First Name: David
Middle Name: S
Last Name: Ransom, New York – THE TRUTH
Category: Cheaters


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