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David Newell, Texas Cheaters

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I didn’t hear about this website when I broke up with him, but I want to post this information for someone else’s well being. If you happen to be dating this person, you should find someone new and run far, far away. He has no shame lying to your face and sleeping with someone else behind your back on the same day. When I broke up with him after finding out about his infidelity, he even stalked me. You don’t want to go through the same situation as I had. To ensure that you are dating this David Newell, he: -Graduated from Rice University in 2007 in computer science and/or engineering. -Worked for a small software company and got fired. -His birthday is sometime in November. -Likes dogs; he had two dogs while I dated him. -Grew up in Clear Lake. -Parents are divorced. -Dad passed in late 2008 from melanoma. -Has an older sister. -Was previously engaged. I just heard about this website and would recommend that whoever is currently dating him to leave as he is never to be trusted, and he lacks in the morals department.

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First Name: David
Middle Name: Newell,
Last Name: Texas
Category: Cheaters


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