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David Jenkins Cheaters

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This guy is a well educated and successful businessman and community leader. Trouble is, he’s a bad father and terrible husband. He will use his kids to hurt their mother without them knowing it. He will use every form of psychological manipulation to own his wife and keep her down, from getting her to quit her job, to every day, telling her how worthless of a woman she is. He has a knack for turning people against others and still tells his kids how worthless their mother is and not to trust her. Please don’t fall for this guy’s charm – it’s all fake. Who he is behind closed doors is the real him!!

More info:
He currently dates a woman named Karen Alvarez. If he hasn’t abused her yet, then he’s in the grooming stage and will soon. He lives at and owns 3000 W State Rd #248, Kamas, UT 84036. He illegally flips properties. Fortress may know about it and they may not, not 100% on that.

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First Name: David
Middle Name:
Last Name: Jenkins
Category: Cheaters


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